Why does my drive need donor parts?

Why does my drive need donor parts?

The fact is, your hard drive needs to function (in working condition) as it was before you needed dat Ia recovery. The clicking, beeping, and error messages that is coming from your device are symptoms of the problem currently preventing access to your data. 

This problem needs to be diagnosed and fixed before your data can be recoverable. 

Rebuilding Your Hard Drive

During these times, your hard drive will need to be rebuilt in order for recovery of your files to be possible. When this is the case, our engineers have to follow strict protocol when choosing suitable donor parts.

The process is very much like an organ transplant. Your drive is considered to be the patient, and the parts drive is called the donor. There are specific details on the drive’s label that must match, sometimes even details programmed into its firmware and ROM. 

If these details don't match, the parts won't work, and the money you invested in them is wasted. 

These details will differ between: 

  • HDD manufacturer
  • HDD models
  • Many other details apply
Common Questions

I have a drive, can I send it to you? If it matches, sure, however this has been the case in only a handful of instances.

Why are the drives so much more expensive than what they usually cost? The vendors that sell donor drives know what they are being used for. They also know most data recovery companies charge thousands of dollars for the recoveries the donors are used in. They also test the drives and provide special details about them so there is a premium we are forced to pay.

Can I help you look for a donor? We have a proprietary process of choosing donor drives so we can ensure they will work once they are purchased. We are very good and know which sources are reliable. Thank you for offering though!

Can I get a refund on the parts if you do not recover my data? Unfortunately once the parts have been used we cannot return them to the vendor.